Société des Plastiques Brenez (SPB) creation

Mr Brenez created his own company, a handcrafting structure meant to quickly evolve, owing to its great success.


SPB took flight

Within 5 years, the company became an SME employing 30 people with an annual turnover in excess of €680,000.

National markets opened their doors to the brand new company and industrialization accelerated with a transfer of 80% shares to Rochefortaise group.


The brand-new Brenez

Given its activity’s continuous growth, SPB settled itself in a brand-new plant made of 5,500 m², current manufacturing site of the company.


The upgrading

Shares were transfered to packaging experts who brought a policy of productivity improvement. It allowed processes to be better mastered and manufacturing lines began automating.


The clean room

In order to fulfill the needs of numerous partners, including pharmaceutical and veterinary market, the company invested in an ISO 8 clean room to begin.


The Effiplast group

Shares of the company were completely transfered to Effiplast, a manufacturing group which clusters various companies experts in plastic tranformation and decoration technics. At the same time, Plastinova joined SPB, bringing additionnal know-how.



Already certified in accordance to ISO 9001, Brenez acquired the ISO 15378 qualification (GMP : Good Manufacturing Practices) devoted to healthcare and pharmaceutical primary packaging.



A second clean room, larger than the first one, was unveiled. It provided the company with new means of production in an ISO 7 white room, complementary to the ISO 8 one.



The acquisition of a hot-cycle injector-blower allowed the implementation of PET. The company then generated a turnover of €7,700,000 with 40 people, representing an overall growth of 32% in 10 years.


The future

Numerous investments are made to modernize the whole machine park and the robotization of certain lines allows to increase the cadences while improving the reproducibility. A diversification approach is undertaken in order to conquer new markets and continue to ensure the good economic and social development of Brenez.

Société des Plastiques Brenez

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